Some New Friends and Updates!

Hello Hello! Long time no read!

I am so EXCITED to announce the new members to our Everyday Burns Collection! We will be adding Sunday Mornings and Island Refresher to the members of our family! Sunday Morning comes in our amber colored container in 8 ounces. Sunday Morning has a smell of linens and also has order eliminating properties! Island Refresher (which has literally been my everyday burn) is more of a beach scent! The main scents in this candle is bamboo and Coconut, the scent is sweet yet light and airy! I am so excited for these scents and for you guys to be able to burn and enjoy them swirling around your home! 

In other news we also have a new color for our macrame! We have a solid creme that was seen in our grey and creme from our previous wall art launch. This has been a favorite in my home! The creme goes with most interior and really helps add a subtle bold statement with clashing with other colors! 

On the business side of things it has been an amazing growth opportunity. The growth has been slow but awesome to grow my knowledge and the business at the same time! I am excited to see what else happens in the future of my business! I just know this is going to be a huge first year for Magdalene and Company! 

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Love and Blessings, 

Khynna B <3

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