Wall Decor and Colors!

Ladies and Gentlemen! 

I have taken the step into color decor! I know, I know, shocking really! I am personally proud of myself since my color palette is very…tamed. This surprise drop comes after days and days of threading yarn and creating new looks of macrame! I wanted to give my online shoppers the first look and access to my new threads! I will be at my first ever Farmer’s Market on Thursday to debut these beauties and myself to my community! The new step and shift into being both a candle and decor shop is so exciting and I can’t believe it! I hope to continue to grow and become a brand known and trusted by families! 

Okay, Okay, 

Let me introduce our new friends!

*We have Rochelle Keychains with is our keychains that come in a variety of colors!

*We then have our beaded macrame which genuinely is my favorite part of this entire collection!

*Next is our tri-color macrame! Which comes in an assortment of colors and textures that fit any style!  

*Lastly we have our beaded garland that come with or without the tassels! Perfect for any bookshelf or any filler decor! 


Guys! I am so so excited for these items to be a part of your home along with with our candle line! Also keep a look out for fall candle scents that will be coming out sooner rather than later and will help you ring in the cozy sweaters! 

Love and Blessings, 


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