Boy Oh Boy!

Boy oh Boy!

Do I love this photo a little too much!? Yes probably. This photo has one of my favorite plants and one of my favorite candles! Also a good healthy Pathos and a terra-cotta pot is nothing to complain about! 

Anywho! This week has been so crazy and fun! Along with my full time job I have been falling more and more in love with the life of a business woman. Although growth has been a little bit hard and challenging, it has still been a blessing to be in position to do this. I am praying and hoping for growth and building of Magdalene and Company to be a place for candle buying and home decor to make people’s homes feel like their own home! 

Okay, Okay what you guys have all been waiting for! The mention of fall! As fall is approaching especial in my colder climate areas we look to the fall scents! I will have 3 scents coming out! As they are a little sweeter they compliment perfectly with Otis and or Sunday Mornings scents! ONE scent I can give away is the Apple Strudel- which doesn’t have a name yet so leave a comment telling me name ideas! I have been sending these scents with every order from this launch and has been getting so many messages about how good it smells! I am so so excited because it smells so yummy and swirls around the house so easily, reminding me of a beautiful autumn morning with baked goods in the oven! Boy oh Boy doesn’t that sound so devious! 

Along with our new candles coming at the beginning of September is a my new macrame line coming in two weeks! They technically will be launching in a week AT MY FIRST EVER FARMER’S MARKET!!!! I am so so excited and can’t believe that I get the opportunity to get my name and product into people’s homes! This is a legit dream and I am so so excited for this! I will be posting picture on my Instagram and Facebook so follow us there (Magdalene and Company on all plat forms)! There will be so many more choices of these beautiful products! So again follow us! 


This has been so long and I appreciate those who have hung on with me! I hope that you are enjoying these blogs and posts from Magdalene and Company and are enjoying the growth of the store! 

Love & Blessings, 

Khynna <3


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