Back and Better than EVER!

Hello! Khynna here! 

Mag and Co. is back after a little summer break! After spending time at a summer camp and reimagining Magdalene and Company, I am so excited to get back to selling again! Before the break we had a little revision on not only our website, but also our images that we use on all platforms and we are IN LOVE! (I noticed I used the word we a lot in this paragraph…I am excited!)

Before the break we previewed a lot of new things on our instagram that will launch in August! For now we are still selling bundles (Otis and Ruth + our seasonal scents), Ruth, Otis, and 2 MORE Zesty scents! We also have some wall art in our creme, grey, and brown macrame, which we make to order! 

I am so excited to be back and to get you your home scents and decor! I can’t wait to see the growth and community that we make here at Magdalene and Company! Can’t wait to get your order to you! 

Khynna <3


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